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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rajukku bukan mainan


xsangka dah lebih 4bulan aku x update blog.bukan je x update.intai2 jap the rainbow ni pon x.bukan takat the rainbow,tah segala hape blog lain yg ada pon langsung aku x menyinggah.ya,rajukku kali ini bukan mainan. ;p (macamlah ade org lain perasan pon =.=')

but afterall,my life hasn't change much..although theres a lot of things happened..still..while others moving forwards,seems like Im the only one step backwards.......

4 warna pelangi!:

zUraiDa aWaNg mat said...

hey beauty onie, just like rainbow which is appears after a stormy rain, only gives happiness to people after being stuck in bad rainy day, u to0 shouldnt be like this.

be strong gurl. be beauty. be bright. be yourself. be onie. the person that I knew. the amazing onie.

Allah gave you both sorrow and hapiness, only to make you know the meaning of life. so dont be sad much, just smile ok.

all is well, i pray, only for you..

mwah3...love ya a lots....mwah3...

Anonymous said...

aznin!!!!!kamu xnak update cite kamu ke?update!update!

oniechan said...

cheda chenelle : ouhh...ur comment r so amazing~ motivated me alot.thanx so much my dear..;)

bt honestly at the moment,i can see the better days r coming..:DD


oniechan said...

zahirah : aritu amek cuti berblog ;p
sbb asek stress2 je.xpe2,pasni updet balik!!!ngeee...

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