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Thursday, March 25, 2010


After few months my head almost burst by doing final year project, finally it shows me how it is worth it!

Because of our (me and memek) lack of alert,we almost fucked-up! We do know that we have to enter MATex (the smaller edition of ENVEX) but we really have no idea that we only have a day to prepare everything..yes,everything!erhh..What the heck ENVEX is anyway?well,i just get the whole idea last night,after we won gold for MATex~ haha…ENVEX is stands for Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition.erm,jst check this out : ENVEX.

Back to MATex..

The very last minute preparation did made us stressed out and not giving any hope of any winning. But,i guess miracle just happen..We Won GOLD! :D

Our very last minute booth~ :p

We won GOLD! :D

Afterall, all of these are dedicated to our super cool supervisor! – MR Faizul Che Pa

ENVEX will be held a week after MATex. And there will be more (a lot more) participants, more questions, more pressure! But this time we will get our best shot! We were just hope MR miracle doing his work towards us again. (>.<)v And we got GOLD again..hoyeah~ :D

** After a year waiting for u, it doesn't feel sweet anymore. it just pathetic! Try to open my heart again to someone else but just figured out how. Huh~

4 warna pelangi!:

murnishuhada said...

congrats3 sb dpt Gold!
terharu untuk kawan!

kown said...

congratz beb!!
x sia2 jga mlm2 nooo..
papa angpa sure bangga..

oniechan said...

murni n kown : thanx darl~ :D
wish me luck 4 ENVEX plak!ngee

Anonymous said...


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