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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Found out this survey and realize how much i miss them! :D I addicted to answer this kind of surveys during friendster at their golden age..wakakaka!

100.your playlist's most played song?
one republic's + lenka's + maher zain's (depends on my moods ;p)

99.your lullaby?
realize - colbie cailat

98.last received call?
encek lan yg bersuara sgt hensem!auww~

97.do you look alike someone?
back then in aysk,ppl alwys tell that i am look alike with kak melis..

96.have you ever told a lie today?
no..not today i guess..im so much in pain to tell a lie today..

95.do you play game?

94.where did you meet your loved one for the last time?

93.are you eating?
not now..its sleeping time oredi lorh!

92.have some wish for your future?
a lot!but right now,im desperately wishing for a JOB!!!

91.where do you wanna spend your old day?
anywhere with my luvly family

90.your hair color?

89.your eye color?
it suppose to be black

88.have some allergic?

87.do you have twins?
I am one and only..tehee

86.are you sick?
yeah..in pain rite now T.T

85.your last silly thing?
cant recall

84.what did you do today?
bergundah gulana about that interview..in pain!

83.are you happy?
no.im in my worst condition rite now.single.jobless.yet in pain!waa~

82.who sit beside you?

81.where is your mom and dad?
bedroom..tdo derh~

80.do you have a cd of your fave band?

79.last text message?
'akusombong' ;)

78.do you wear glasses?
sometimes..when needed

77.have you ever had any problem with alcoholism?
haha!never ever

76.have you ever had any problem with police?
no..not yet ;p

75.singing at the bathroom?

74.will you die for someone you love?
i'll live for someone i love~ wee

73.are you smoking?

are you mad?
yess..to everybody..its just this emo thing is getting worst!haihh

72.do you like to sing?

71.how old are you when you learn to drive?
honestly?17..but jst get my license last august..haha

70.do you live with your parent?

69.rain or sun?

68.last chat?
evening tadi dgn mek ti n cik p

67.when will you get married?
how will i know?apedaaa~ *emo lagik*

66.love or money?
both! plisss~

65.last thing made you cry?
almost giving up

64.are you jealous?

63.can you cook?
yes.a little.an advantage from still unemployed..huu

62.is there anything that disturb you?
this damn bored

61.where do you wanna go?
past. n having those memories back..haha

60.what is your bad habbit?
berlengah lengah ;p

59.do you miss someone?
too many to list

58.do you think that person miss you too?
yess!berani la diorg x rendu akuu!huh

57.can you climb a tree?
a piece of cake ;p

56.how tall are you?

55.have you ever love someone?
oh,come on laa..everybody have

54.are you in love?
not now =.='

53.beach or hill?
both pun best jugak

52.what are your feelings right now?
feeling-less.lemau ouh mcm ni hari2 T.T

51.are you a morning person?
when at home.only

50.do you like reading?
yes i do and i think you're stupid if you think that reading is uncool

err..its supposed 100Q survey..but where r the rest?!!!

2 warna pelangi!:

plasterakuluka said...

nape kt name aku sombong ade bnd ni ;)
aku rendu ko brani ko ta rendu aku ?

oniechan said...

nape ekk?x boleh letak ke a'a? ;p

aha..ko rendu x kt aku?*muke garang!*

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